Budget 2017-2018


Pre-budget consultations are now over. Thank you for your participation.

Help us build the
Québec Economic Plan

We spent the last two years working with determination to put Québec back on a solid financial footing favourable to the economic and social development of all regions.

The Québec Economic Plan we have put in place is yielding results. Québec’s situation has improved significantly, economic growth is on the rise and the labour market is growing. Now that the house is in order, we have room to manoeuvre to meet the needs and priorities of Quebecers.

We took action in the recent update of the Québec Economic Plan, by expediting elimination of the health tax and announcing additional investments in key sectors, such as health, education, regional development, and infrastructure.

Preparation of the next budget is under way, and we invite you to expand our thinking, and contribute to defining needs and priorities, by answering six questions related to budgetary policy.

Help us build the Québec Economic Plan so that, together, we create the conditions that will enable Québec to develop to its full potential.

Carlos Leitão

Minister of Finance

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