Budget 2020-2021


Pre-budget consultations are now over.
Thank you for your participation.

Message from the Minister

For just over a year now, our government has spared no effort to meet the needs of Quebecers by reinvesting in health and education, by giving them back significant amounts of money and by continuing to work to boost economic growth. Québec’s outstanding economic performance and sound management of public finances has allowed us to accelerate the implementation of the commitments we have made to citizens.

We are currently working on our second budget, which will enable us to continue our efforts to improve the quality of life of all Quebecers while boosting our economy. This budget will be an opportunity to put in place solutions to important challenges for our society, such as the fight against climate change.

This is why I hereby invite you to visit the pre budget consultations site, which gives you access, with complete transparency, to the briefs submitted by the various groups we met as part of the private consultations. You can also fill out the online questionnaire to help us prepare the budget.

Just as we promised, we want to hear from you!

Eric Girard

Minister of Finances