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The Task Force was mandated to make recommendations on how best to adequately finance the health care system.

The mandate had the following four components:

  propose additional sources of health financing to the government;
  specify the role the private sector can play in improving access to health care and cutting wait times, while maintaining a strong public system that remains true to its values;
  propose a structure that will allow for a “health account” aimed at improving the transparency of health financing, better informing the public and illustrating the medium-term financing problem, in particular regarding the level of federal transfers for health;
examine amendments that could be suggested so that the necessary adjustments can be made to the Canada Health Act.

In addition, the Task Force had to ensure that its recommendations were compatible with the principles that have characterized Québec’s health system since its beginning, including:

  maintaining a strong public health care system;
protecting the most disadvantaged, in particular access to care regardless of social status or income;
  maintaining high standards of quality, both for the public sector and private delivery.

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