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On June 27, 2007, the Conseil des ministres du Québec confirmed and gave practical effect to the mandate entrusted to our Task Force in the Budget Speech of the preceding May 24.

This report is the result of our studies and analyses. We trust that the recommendations herein meet the government’s expectations and that they will contribute to meeting the major challenge of financing Québec’s health care system.

Our Task Force was unable to reach a unanimous position on all the recommendations and proposals presented in the report. Michel Venne took a dissenting position on three points specifically identified in the report. His position is explained in one of the appendices.

In accordance with the mandate we received, we have made proposals essentially aimed at securing the system’s long-term viability and protecting its universal nature, while reining growth in public spending back to a sustainable level.

That is an extremely demanding objective. It is all the more so since the aging of the population, which is well underway in Québec, will exacerbate upward pressure on costs. The past decade’s experience teaches us that we must not take rash and inevitably perilous decisions in a crisis atmosphere.

Our proposals recognize the need to update our health care system. They strike a sound balance between the rights and obligations of everyone.

We are appealing to everybody’s realism and sense of responsibility. We invite the government, health professionals and the general public to enter into a new social contract to ensure that everyone receives the care they need in a timely manner, while remaining within our collective ability to pay.

Claude Castonguay
Chair of the Task Force

Joanne Marcotte
Vice-Chair of the Task Force

Michel Venne
Vice-Chair of the Task Force

February 19, 2008

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